Data and Facts on the TAS


SRS EcoTherm GmbH
Neuenkirchener Strasse 8
48499 Salzbergen


RWE Generation SE, Essen
H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA, Salzbergen

Managing Directors:

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Wüllenweber (technical CEO)
Gabriele Tennagels (commercial CEO)
Heiner Büter (location, waste acquisition)


Investments costs of € 50 million


Type of plant:

One incineration line,
furnace with push grate

Type of waste:

Residual waste (contents of the "grey bin"),
commercial waste

Catchment area:

Residual district of Emsland (communal waste)
Supraregional commercial waste

Power generation

At nominal plant capacity approx. 50 tonnes of steam per hour. All the steam is coupled into the industrial power plant (Industriekraftwerk, IKW) and converted into electricity at CHP plants. The decoupled heat is used to supply the refinery situated at the location with process steam.


Modern filtering technology means that emissions are considerably below the strict threshold limit values as set out by the 17th BImSchV.
See current emission values.

Plant personnel:

TAS plant operations: 3 employees per shift in a 4-shift system
Incoming goods inspection/weighing machine: 3,
IKW plant operation:  2 employees per shift in a 4-shift system
a total of 38 employees for the entire operation of the TAS and IKW